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The Timeless Elegance of Luxury Leisurewear, Hand-Beaded Denim, and Bridal Wear

The Lido Collection

The Lido Collection is a harmonious blend of costal living & the enduring charm of high-end fashion. Immerse yourself in a luxury leisurewear line that redefines comfort and style, seamlessly transitioning the vibrant energy of the beach and spa to the cozy corners of your living room and the fashionable streets of your preferred dining spots.

Welcome to a world where comfort meets elegance, and each piece is designed to evoke the timeless allure of costal living in every moment.

seashore at daytime
seashore at daytime



Dive into our wide range of show-stopping hand-beaded denim. From the casual elegance of our Luxury Leisurewear Denim to the enchanting charm of our Bridal Denim, the details in the rhinestones transform each piece into wearable works of art. Our jackets are a canvas of individuality, style, and self-expression. Which one is your favorite?


Yeaggy Bridal

Skillfully constructed with luxurious silks, Yeaggy Bridal gowns are known for their intricate drapery & delicate embroidery. Discover our collection of statement wedding gowns & bridal accessories. Each silhouette is adorned with exquisite hand beading, bringing a touch of sensuality & sophistication.


Here's what our customers say

”I love how now I can wear the bodysuit from my wedding gown with jeans, & my wedding skirt with a cute sweater! The gown was really 3 separate looks in 1.”

- Ally Poplin

”I'm so in love with my Taylor Swift custom denim jacket with my favorite lyrics written all over it. I even had them turn my old favorite jeans into my new favorite tote bag!”

- Olivia Francis

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We offer a hassle-free refund policy for all our products. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.



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